Double Overtime Thriller in Delta

On Tuesday night the Mission City Outlaws faced off against the red hot Delta Ice Hawks at the Ladner Leisure Centre looking to add points to an impressive road record early on this season, but the team knew that this was not going to be an easy task.

The Ice hawks have been near perfect on home ice this season not losing a game.  In the first period the Outlaws were the ones who dictated most of the play and the Ice Hawks quickly found themselves on their heels.  Although there was no scoring in the first, the edge in scoring chances went the way of the Outlaws.

Second period started much like the first for the Outlaws as they came out of the gate with the work ethic that has been hammered into the heads of the players since the game in North Delta on Saturday and now it seems that it was really sinking into the players.  As this period went on you could see the Outlaws work hard in their own end of the rink and would result in time of possession in the opposition zone most of the period.  In the late stages of the middle frame it would be the Outlaws who would get on the board first off a strange shot off the stick of Kyle Lennea as the puck seemed to skip on Goaltender Alex Ahnert and into the back of the net.  This would set the stage for the third period.

In the final regulation stanza, the Ice Hawks would throw everything and the kitchen sink to try and tie things up and just past the halfway point of the period the Ice Hawks would finally get on the board sending this game off to overtime.

4 on 4 would solve nothing so on to 3 on 3.  In the final 5 minutes of the game the Delta Ice hawks would fire one past Will Latimer and Delta would get the extra point with a final score of 2-1.

The unfortunate moment in this game would have to be the way this game winner was scored.  At one end of the rink Tristan Dundas would have a great scoring chance and when trying to get out of the zone to come back and help out his team as the Ice Hawks were on a rush Dundas was deliberately slashed in the back of the legs by the Ice Hawks goaltender, knocking him down to the ice and leaving the Ice Hawks on a 3 on 2 the other way.  The part that people will talk about now will not be how great the game was but the “incident” that transpired in the final moments.  

The Outlaws will be looking to get back to the winning ways on Thursday night when the team hosts the North Vancouver Wolf Pack at the Mission Leisure Centre.

As for now you’re up to date.  See you at the rink.


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