Halfway Point By The Numbers

The win on Sunday at the Burnaby Winter Club against the Grandview Steelers marked the halfway point of the season for the Mission City Outlaws and I have taken the time to break down some of the statistics from the first half of the 2013/2014 PJHL hockey season.

In all cases there are good and bad things that happen to a team in the first half of any season and the same can be said for the Mission City Outlaws.  

The Bad:  It has been well documented in the first half of the struggles on home ice has not been a good one for the Outlaws.  The home ice record is 2-8-0-1 for 5 points at the Mission Leisure Centre.

The Good:  The 2 wins and 1 tie on home ice were against divisional opponents.  The 2 wins came over the Ridge Meadows Flames and the Port Moody Panthers.  The tie came against the Abbotsford Pilots.  Another positive for the Outlaws is the road record. 4-4-1-2 for 11 points has been great for the Outlaws away from the MLC this season.

The Bad: The Outlaws have the fewest GF(goals for) in the Harold Brittain Conference with 63.

The Good: Mission City is 3rd in the Conference in the GA(goals against) category with 84.

The Bad:  In the first 11 games the Outlaws were very undisciplined taking 359 minutes worth of penalty time.

The Good: Since then the team has only 201 minutes of penalty time.

The Bad: The Outlaws have given up 140 power plays to their opponents and were burned for 31 goals during the first half.

The Good: Mission City is 16 for 127 on the power play in the first half.  Which means out of the 63 goals the Outlaws have scored this year, 25% came on the power play.  Just under 75% at 5 on 5.

At the halfway point of the season the Outlaws find themselves in a tie for 3rd in the Harold Brittain Conference with Ridge Meadows Flames and sit 4 points ahead of the Port Moody Panthers who sit last in the division.

All and all I think its very evident by the numbers that the Outlaws will learn from the first half of the season and move forward to making a real push in the second half.  It will be a busy one as the Outlaws will face their own conference 13 of the last 22 regular season games.  

Big games.  Big points.  Let get it done!!!

As for now you’re up to date.  See you at the rink.


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