2 Points Slip Through the Hands

There was a big 2 points up for grabs on Thursday night when the Aldergrove Kodiaks came to the Mission Leisure Centre to take on the Mission City Outlaws for the 4th meeting of the season between the 2 clubs.

The game was a seesaw affair as both teams shared the lead at one point or another and it definitely tilted to the side of the Kodiaks in the 3rd period, who managed to squeak out a 6-4 victory.  The Kodiaks extend their win streak to 8 straight games with the win.  

The Outlaws during this game were, for my money, the better team on the ice tonight and probably deserved a better outcome.  Mission City skated hard all game and blocked shots on a regular basis as well as making sure they finished their checks and that made the coaching staff very happy at games end.  

It was the debut of Dylan Kooner in an Outlaws jersey and Kooner did not disappoint.  Dylan’s foot speed and eye for the net didn’t go unnoticed and he was rewarded with a goal for his hard work.

The Outlaws now have an entire week off to work on the things that didn’t work so well.  Mission City will host the Abbotsford Pilots for just the 3rd time this season.  Game time is 7:15 PM on Thursday December 12th.   

As for now you’re up to date.  See you at the rink.


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