Positives to be Taken in Regulation Loss.

Although the Mission City Outlaws fell in a final score of 3-1 last night against the Richmond Sockeyes, the Outlaws showed definite strides in the right direction and it’s not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’ the wins will come.

The Outlaws, once again, were the better team stride for stride when 5 on 5 but a bad bounce here and there cost Mission City the victory.  Penalties were way down last night as well which is big step in the right direction if there is going to be any success.  Take nothing away from the Richmond Sockeyes.  They definitely deserve to have won 9 straight games.  Their a strong team and play hard on the fore check which creates a lot of turn overs and good scoring chances.

The big question mark from the fans would have to be, where is the goal scoring going to come from?  I personally think it’s just a matter of time before 1 player on this Mission City Outlaws team to net a couple goals and then the rest will follow suit.

The Outlaws don’t have to wait too long as they play this Thursday Jan.2, 2014 at 7:15 PM when they face the Delta Ice Hawks at the Mission Leisure Centre.  

As for now you’re up to date.  See you at the rink.


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