Cyclone Taylor Cup Coming to Mission City

2015 will be a busy one for the Mission City Outlaws as it was announced that the team will be hosting the Cyclone Taylor Cup next season.

In cooperation with BC Hockey, the City of Mission, the Mission Leisure Centre and the Mission City Outlaws Junior Hockey Club, this elite tournament will feature the best team from the KIJHL, VIJHL and 2 teams representing the PJHL.  The preliminary rounds will be a round robin style tournament with the top 2 records moving onto the final to find out which team will move on to the Keystone Cup.

The Mission City Outlaws are thrilled at the opportunities a tournament of this stature can bring to the community and also helps as a recruiting tool for the hockey club.  Head Coach of the Mission City Outlaws, Brad Veitch was extremely excited about the possibilities this tournament will bring to the Outlaws.  “Our situation is unique” said Veitch of the roster situation in Mission City, “We had 15 rookies in our lineup last season, but not all will return for the upcoming season.  That is the nature of the beast when it comes to Junior Hockey.”  Veitch added.  “The opportunity is huge for players that are looking to make that next step in their hockey careers.”  “Spots are available on this team and we are definitely open to any situation that may present itself.”  The Outlaws are adamant on moving players on to the next level and helping them develop the skills they need to do so.

This past season, the PJHL took on more media responsibilities when they adopted to broadcast all the games from the 2013/14 season and fans should expect nothing less this upcoming 2014/15 season.  The Mission City Outlaws will be working to take what they learned this season to take their broadcasts to a whole new level.   There will also be all kinds of media resources for the Cyclone Taylor Cup on the way to the tournament that will be announced as they come into focus.

Another huge benefit is for local business’s to get on board as there will be great opportunities to get the chance to sponsor all things associated with and leading up to this tournament.  From advertisement in the game day program to the audio commercials on the broadcast, the wide spectrum will seem endless for those business’s getting their message out to the public.  For more information please direct your inquiry to

All in all some very exciting times around the entire Outlaws organization.  Keep posted for all news as it comes down the wire on our twitter page @missionoutlaws and @outlawsbcast as well as ‘like’ us on our Facebook page “Mission City Outlaws Supporters’ Page”

As for now you’re up to date.  See you at the rink.


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