Day 1 of Training Camp in the Books

Day 1 of Mission City Outlaws training camp is in the books and the hopefuls for this years 2014/15 team were looking to impress the Outlaws brass with two practice sessions and one inter squad game.

The camp was separated into 2 teams.  Team Black and Team White.  Team Black took to the ice in the first of 2 practice sessions on the main ice at the Mission Leisure Centre.  You could really get a sense from the players that they were very excited to get the old off season rust off and the intensity came through on the ice.

Team White had the final practice slot and, just like their Team Black counterparts, also brought an intensity to the table.  From all accounts, the coaching staff was very happy with what they saw from the would be rookies and the returning veterans.

To finish off day 1, the 2 teams played an inter squad game.  Team Black came flying out of  the gates and were able to take a early lead.  There didn’t seem to be much push back coming from Team White as Team Black was able to add to their lead and at the halfway point held a 8-1 lead.  The second half of the game saw the complete opposite happen as Team White had Team Black on their heals for the most part but the hole that Team White dug itself in the first half was just too much to dig out of and they fall to Team Black by a final score of 10-6.

Camp will resume tomorrow with 2 more inter squad games at the MLC.  The first game goes at 10 am and the last game to wrap up the camp starts at 4 pm.  Come on down to the rink and get a great look at the talent for this years team.

Also today I was able to catch up with one of the newest recruits Landen Matechuk as well as coach’s Shawn Downey and Brad Veitch.  Here are those interviews:


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